2 The one thing to stop being so busy

#2 : The one thing to stop being so busy

Why are leaders so busy? Why are organizations not adapting fast enough? In this episode, I’ll share why that is and what you should start doing to be successful in these disruptive & fast times. 

  • Do you have too many things to do? Do you lack clarity at work?
  • Are your plans constantly changing? Sometimes even before the implementation has started?
  • Are you spending more time in meetings than doing your actual job? Are you facing collaboration & communication issues or even silo thinking?
  • Have the stress & burnouts increased at work?
  • And finally, are you sometimes frustrated by stupid decisions that are imposed on you? Or worse, waiting for decisions that never come?

These are all symptoms that you are using business techniques of slow times in fast times. And if you try to compensate by working harder, by trying to control & deliver everything, it might be that you are using habits of slow times in fast times.
Listen to discover what you could do instead.

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