3 The biggest mistake traditional or busy leaders make

#3 : The biggest mistake traditional or busy leaders make

Many leaders think that to reinvent their organization, they need a new strategy and a strong implementation plan. In the past, that was indeed enough and that was the way to success. And when you faced a lot of challenges you could compensate by working hard. But today, in our fast-changing digital world, working hard doesn’t work anymore. It’s not enough to get the results you want and it can even stand in the way of your success.
In this episode, I’ll share what you should do instead. It’s a habit that many great leaders like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet master very well.
It’ll help you reach amazing results with a great work-life balance.
But I have to warn you, it’s a habit that isn’t easy to adopt. That is why so many people are very busy, working really hard for too little impact.
If there is one thing I want you to start doing from this whole podcast show, it will be to adopt this habit.
It transformed my life as a CEO, as a leader and as a mom.

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