#32: Bring informal chat and fun in remote teams. But how?

bring informal chat and fun in remote teams

In March 2020, COVID-19 hit us pretty hard. The most of us ended up working from our homes and in the beginning, this was nice.
No more traffic, more time to spend with your family or yourself and getting more autonomy. But quickly, we realised that this wasn’t always so great… We started forgetting when to take breaks, because it was so hard distinguishing work from home.

#15 : Decrease resistance to change

Decrease resistance to change

Many organizations are in a state of transformation right now. They want to go fast because we live in a fast time. The implementation of transformations can be really hard, and some people may even resist this change, especially if they have to work on automating their own job. So how do we deal with this resistance?

#14 How can you manage uncertainties

How can you manage uncertainties

Today more than ever we live in uncertain times as the world has become less predictable than before. As a leader, or even as a parent, often you don’t know all the answers. Yet still, people look to you for motivation or reassurance in difficult times. How can you tackle these uncertainties? I give seven steps to get through times of uncertainty and how you can implement them for not only yourself but those around you.

#11 : How to motivate busy people to learn

How to motivate busy people to learn

You have probably noticed that the speed of change is accelerating. This calls for the need to adapt to those changes and with adapting comes learning new skills. I share why it is important to motivate a busy person to learn, what is not currently working in organizations, and how you can start motivating those in your own team! In this episode, we break down the 7 steps to motivating a busy person to learn and how this will not only a positive impact on the individual but also will make your organization or team that much better!

#10 : How to Empower everyone? Even average employees

How to Empower everyone?

Would you like to save costs and to boost profit and sales? You made
plans, but implementation isn’t great or people are resisting the cost savings. I share how I increase profit with 30% and
boosted morale within a team.

#9 : How to increase empowerment and boost profit

How to increase empowerment and boost profit

Would you like to save costs while simultaneously boosting profit and sales? You may get some pushback from people resisting cost saving or maybe even the implementation isn’t great. In today’s episode, I share how one of my teams was able to increase their profit by 30% while boosting the morale within the team through empowerment.

#8 : How to counter a bad decision

How to counter a bad decision

Would you like to have more autonomy at work? Or a salary increase
maybe? Do you want people to follow your vision? That’s why it’s so
important to be able to sell your ideas like a pro.