#48: Who am I if I am not successful?

who am I if i am not successful

Every time we reach a new level of personal growth in our lives, there always seems to come to a new challenge to throw you off. We feel uncomfortable faced with these challenges and we hate the twisted feeling in our body that comes with it. Today, I wanted to talk about using these unpleasant feelings and use them as strengths to grow further as a leader, but also as a human.

#46: This is how you stop going from one meeting to the next

stop spending too much time in meetings

In 2020, life, as we knew it, changed drastically and it had a huge impact on workers. People work more, poor mental health emerged for a quarter of workers and 26% of the deadlines were missed each week. Working remotely has had its toll, yet some remote teams manage to thrive thanks to one crucial element: empowerment.

#44: The success formula of digital times

success formula of digital times

In this podcast, I will share with you my simple success formula for fast, digital, and uncertain times. I learned this one through trial and error and to be frank, the formula is quite simple. However, implementing it in your life isn’t the easiest, that’s why I will also share the mistakes that are easily made and how you can avoid them.

#43 How to deal with high expectations

how to deal with high expectations

I will answer the following question: How can you respond to high expectations coming from your management, customers or headquarters, without sabotaging your career or work-life balance?

#39: Why can you be unhappy in a job you like

unhappy in a job you like

You have a job that you really like (or you don’t), but at the end of the day, you still feel unsatisfied or unhappy. Why is it that people become unsatisfied with the jobs they like and lose their motivation? Today, I had a great conversation with my friend and fellow leader Valérie Van Geel to answer these questions.

#36 Why New Year’s resolutions fail & what to do instead

36 new year resolution fail

Do you have resolutions for 2021?
Unfortunately, research shows that less than 10% of New Year’s resolutions are kept. In this podcast, I will tell you why this is and how you can improve your chances tremendously to keep this year’s resolutions and become a more focused and impactful leader.