#36 Why New Year’s resolutions fail & what to do instead

36 new year resolution fail

Do you have resolutions for 2021?
Unfortunately, research shows that less than 10% of New Year’s resolutions are kept. In this podcast, I will tell you why this is and how you can improve your chances tremendously to keep this year’s resolutions and become a more focused and impactful leader.

#34: The biggest weapon in storytelling

biggest weapon in storytelling

We talk about the power of storytelling, vulnerability, and managing your energy. If you want to improve your storytelling abilities and learn about the importance of managing your energy in times of stress or illness, be sure to check out the podcast!

#31: Help, I need to slow down and pause!

slow down and pause

I know, I know… it’s really hard to pause.
That is exactly why I wanted to make this podcast for those who find it so difficult to do that while you know how important it is. Today, we’ll talk about why it is so important to pause and what you can do to manage your pauses and slow down.

#29: Minimalism as a leader

minimalism as a leader

Have you noticed the more things you have to do, the more stressed you are?
Whatever you want to buy or to do something, you must choose between so many opportunities. We live in a world of choices. We get triggered from everywhere, our phone, our computer, at work, at home. The more you have, the more you need to work, the more stress you have, … I realize that I needed more space for time, for creativity, and for myself. That’s why I learn about minimalism as a leader.

In this episode, I will explain how it transforms my organization and my life.

#27: 14 bad habits taught in school that you should unlearn

bad habits taught in school you should unlearn

Have you ever taken a moment to look back at what your school life was like? There are many things that we learned in school that is making life become overwhelming for us. There are habits they teach that end up standing on our way to success.
In this episode, we’ll be addressing bad habits you learned in school that you should unlearn.

#26: The 7 beliefs of highly successful people

7 beliefs of highly successful people

While reading Tony Robbins’ book about Unlimited power, I came across the idea of the seven beliefs. Tony Robbins is a successful coach and he decided to analyze the most successful people in the world to try to find out if there were common beliefs shared among them. Tony found that the most successful people share seven beliefs that make them highly successful.

#25: My 3 wins and struggles as an entrepreneur

wins and struggles as an entrepreneur

I started my online business two and a half years ago after quitting my job as a CEO almost four years ago. I wanted to share my wins and struggles because I think it might interest you. Whether you are an entrepreneur or whether you are a leader, you might recognize a lot of things that I’m going to talk about.