#61: The big mistakes when building a culture of belonging with LaTonya Wilkins

big mistakes when building a culture of belonging with latonya wilkins

Ever feel like you don’t belong at work? As if you were different from your colleagues?
LaTonya Wilkins – an executive, and team coach – helps organizations create cultures of belonging. She will explain how companies can create a belonging culture, which mistakes they make when starting it, and what you can do instead to accept everyone’s uniqueness.
Tune in to find out!

#60: The new way of working post-pandemic with Axel Kuborn from Silversquare

The new way of working post pandemic

During the pandemic, we have come through a big working shift. Productivity has risen in most companies since people worked from home, but the engagement towards company culture has decreased. Many organizations are now rethinking the way of working and organizing the workspace. In this podcast episode, I talk with co-working space Silversquare founder and co-CEO Axel Kuborn about increasing fun at work, collaboration, and innovation. Tune in to find out!

#58: Why some leaders are dishonest and how to counter it

why some leaders are dishonest

In today’s podcast, we will give you a couple of tips and tricks in order for you to become more truthful, as honesty in large or small organizations is a key element to becoming successful. Together with Ron Carucci, we discuss what prevents leaders from staying truthful and how you can benefit from being open and honest. Tune in to find out!

#47: Becoming antifragile is the new innovation in turbulent times with Rik Vera

Becoming antifragile

I had a great conversation with international keynote speaker, coach, and author Rik Vera where we talked about tips to reinvent your organization and what type of leader you should become to successfully do that. We talk about handling turbulent times with new approaches and strategies and rejecting older business models that you might use but aren’t relevant anymore. Tune in to find out what they are!

#30: Is there room for more humanity in organizations?

more humanity in our organization

Four years ago, when I had just quit my job as a CEO, I started meeting a lot of senior leaders, because I was very curious about the challenges they were facing and about how they tackled them. We talked about a lot of different subjects. I’d love to tell you about leading an organization with your heart and creating space for humanity within the organization. Why this sudden necessity for this change? How to achieve this change?

#29: Minimalism as a leader

minimalism as a leader

Have you noticed the more things you have to do, the more stressed you are?
Whatever you want to buy or to do something, you must choose between so many opportunities. We live in a world of choices. We get triggered from everywhere, our phone, our computer, at work, at home. The more you have, the more you need to work, the more stress you have, … I realize that I needed more space for time, for creativity, and for myself. That’s why I learn about minimalism as a leader.

In this episode, I will explain how it transforms my organization and my life.

#28: The biggest challenges in customer experience (Conversation with Amélie Beerens)

biggest challengests in customer experience

In this podcast, I am joined by fellow podcaster Amelie Beerens. She is a CX expert and helps managers take actions on their digital roadmap. Together we talk about the challenges of this transition, how to cope with resistance to this change and how to work with emotions within the organization. We will end the podcast by discussing the importance of having a holistic approach in this transition.

#24 : 5 steps to deal with a traditional management

5 steps to deal with a traditional management

Have you found that your organization is very traditional? What about the leaders or management within the organization, are they still working traditionally, not embracing these fast-changing digital times? This can often leave you feeling frustrated by the decisions that are imposed on you.