How can you transform others?

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Discover the top 10 mistakes I made when transforming myself or the people in my organization.

We are living in times of profound change, and many people and organizations are currently transforming to adapt to our fast-changing digital world. But change is not easy, and the number one problem leaders face today is resistance to change. They want to change the culture, become agile and adopt new technologies, but they can’t get the people in the organization to change their behaviors fast enough. In this guide, you’ll learn how to get lasting change and it’s not by telling people what to do.

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stop spending too much time in meetings

#46: This is how you stop going from one meeting to the next

In 2020, life, as we knew it, changed drastically and it had a huge impact on workers. People work more, poor mental health emerged for a quarter of workers and 26% of the deadlines were missed each week. Working remotely has had its toll, yet some remote teams manage to thrive thanks to one crucial element: empowerment.

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bring informal chat and fun in remote teams

#32: Bring informal chat and fun in remote teams. But how?

In March 2020, COVID-19 hit us pretty hard. The most of us ended up working from our homes and in the beginning, this was nice.
No more traffic, more time to spend with your family or yourself and getting more autonomy. But quickly, we realised that this wasn’t always so great… We started forgetting when to take breaks, because it was so hard distinguishing work from home.

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Decrease resistance to change

#15 : Decrease resistance to change

Many organizations are in a state of transformation right now. They want to go fast because we live in a fast time. The implementation of transformations can be really hard, and some people may even resist this change, especially if they have to work on automating their own job. So how do we deal with this resistance?

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