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meditation to go from overwhelm to focus

#57: A meditation to go from overwhelm to focus

This episode will help you to transition from being overwhelmed to being focused using meditation. With everything going on in our fast-changing world, especially with all the adaptations everyone had to make during this pandemic, dealing with these uncomfortable feelings has become very important!

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how to improve your communication skills

#54: How to improve your communication skills

No one can deny it: in today’s fast-changing and challenging world, problems have become so complex that we need large cooperative teams to solve them.
In order to achieve that, everyone, no matter what kind of expertise one has, has to develop their communication skills.

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my boss is a micromanager

#53: Help! My boss is a micromanager

Today, I had an awesome conversation with Jeffrey Hull. As a part of the Institute of Coaching of Harvard, he’s done a lot of research about coaching and the science of coaching. Through that research, he noticed a great shift in leadership styles. What kind of shift? What is now a good leadership style? Tune in to find out more!

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