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who am I if i am not successful

#48: Who am I if I am not successful?

Every time we reach a new level of personal growth in our lives, there always seems to come to a new challenge to throw you off. We feel uncomfortable faced with these challenges and we hate the twisted feeling in our body that comes with it. Today, I wanted to talk about using these unpleasant feelings and use them as strengths to grow further as a leader, but also as a human.

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stop spending too much time in meetings

#46: This is how you stop going from one meeting to the next

In 2020, life, as we knew it, changed drastically and it had a huge impact on workers. People work more, poor mental health emerged for a quarter of workers and 26% of the deadlines were missed each week. Working remotely has had its toll, yet some remote teams manage to thrive thanks to one crucial element: empowerment.

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success formula of digital times

#44: The success formula of digital times

In this podcast, I will share with you my simple success formula for fast, digital, and uncertain times. I learned this one through trial and error and to be frank, the formula is quite simple. However, implementing it in your life isn’t the easiest, that’s why I will also share the mistakes that are easily made and how you can avoid them.

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