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Discover the top 10 mistakes I made as a busy & traditional manager.

During my transformation, I noticed that many of my habits weren’t serving me anymore. Discover the 10 habits I had to change for a meaningful life, career & organization. 

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5 steps to deal with a traditional management

#24 : 5 steps to deal with a traditional management

Have you found that your organization is very traditional? What about the leaders or management within the organization, are they still working traditionally, not embracing these fast-changing digital times? This can often leave you feeling frustrated by the decisions that are imposed on you.

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stay relevant in digital times

#23 : 3 things to stay relevant in digital times

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but a lot of things are being automated these days. You might be afraid that your job might be automated, and you want to stay relevant in these fast-changing digital times. I talk about how you can stay relevant and be assured that you will maintain a job in these disruptive times.

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mistakes I made as a manager

#21 : 10 mistakes I made as a traditional manager

Do you have any bad habits that may be stopping you from reaching your full potential? Are you stuck in the leading styles of the past before these fast-digital times? I had to change many of my habits during the digital transformation of my organization to become a better leader.

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