Why organizations don't adapt fast enough?

And why do leaders work so hard for too little impact? In this infographic, you’ll discover what the business techniques & leadership habits are of slow & fast times. You’ll recognize the problems many organizations face and how to transform for today’s disruptive times. This is a roadmap to build a meaningful & successful organization. It’s also very useful when you need to convince more. traditional people. 

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The new way of working post pandemic

#60: The new way of working post-pandemic with Axel Kuborn from Silversquare

During the pandemic, we have come through a big working shift. Productivity has risen in most companies since people worked from home, but the engagement towards company culture has decreased. Many organizations are now rethinking the way of working and organizing the workspace. In this podcast episode, I talk with co-working space Silversquare founder and co-CEO Axel Kuborn about increasing fun at work, collaboration, and innovation. Tune in to find out!

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why some leaders are dishonest

#58: Why some leaders are dishonest and how to counter it

In today’s podcast, we will give you a couple of tips and tricks in order for you to become more truthful, as honesty in large or small organizations is a key element to becoming successful. Together with Ron Carucci, we discuss what prevents leaders from staying truthful and how you can benefit from being open and honest. Tune in to find out!

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Becoming antifragile

#47: Becoming antifragile is the new innovation in turbulent times with Rik Vera

I had a great conversation with international keynote speaker, coach, and author Rik Vera where we talked about tips to reinvent your organization and what type of leader you should become to successfully do that. We talk about handling turbulent times with new approaches and strategies and rejecting older business models that you might use but aren’t relevant anymore. Tune in to find out what they are!

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