Why organizations don't adapt fast enough?

And why do leaders work so hard for too little impact? In this infographic, you’ll discover what the business techniques & leadership habits are of slow & fast times. You’ll recognize the problems many organizations face and how to transform for today’s disruptive times. This is a roadmap to build a meaningful & successful organization. It’s also very useful when you need to convince more. traditional people. 

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5 steps to deal with a traditional management

#24 : 5 steps to deal with a traditional management

Have you found that your organization is very traditional? What about the leaders or management within the organization, are they still working traditionally, not embracing these fast-changing digital times? This can often leave you feeling frustrated by the decisions that are imposed on you.

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elevate your consciouness level

#18 : Elevate your consciousness level for more success

Are you fulfilling your needs to gain success? What about the needs of your team and organization? If you want to be happy and if you want to be successful, you must understand how to elevate your consciousness level. Using the Barrett Model, we can identify the common shifts that occur between levels of consciousness.

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Nestlé transformation wins & struggles

#12 : Nestlé Belgium’s transformation – Wins & struggles with Paul Van Roy

One of my passions is to help leaders build meaningful lives and organizations while shifting the mindsets in their organization’s work culture. In this episode, I am joined by Paul Van Roy, the talent manager of Nestlé Belgium who I recently partnered with to pilot a course on how to train leaders to be authentic in the digital age while also fundamentally changing the mindsets of the work culture.

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How to motivate busy people to learn

#11 : How to motivate busy people to learn

You have probably noticed that the speed of change is accelerating. This calls for the need to adapt to those changes and with adapting comes learning new skills. I share why it is important to motivate a busy person to learn, what is not currently working in organizations, and how you can start motivating those in your own team! In this episode, we break down the 7 steps to motivating a busy person to learn and how this will not only a positive impact on the individual but also will make your organization or team that much better!

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