medidation for challenge

#49: A meditation for when life is throwing you a challenge

Today, it’s a special episode. 

A medidation for when life is throwing you a challenge.

When I face a big challenge that makes me feel bad, I want to escape that feeling at all costs. And sometimes, I then act from a place of fear, of anger, of sadness, of resignation instead of responding from a place of love or with actions aligned with my values & who I really am so that I reach my desired outcome.

That’s when I grow and reach amazing results.

But to get there, I often like listening to the meditation. And that’s what I wanted to offer you. A meditation, you can listen to every time you face a big challenge.

That meditation will help you feel better and act with more skillful action.

So, take a deep breath, find a comfortable position and let’s start!

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