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How to save time
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Digitalization allows us to automate many tasks. So, in theory, we should all be able to work much less than previously. Right?

But when I ask leaders or friends how they are, the answer I often get is: I’m so busy! Why is it that so many leaders are overwhelmed today?

This free guide will give you the five habits leaders should ditch to stop being overwhelmed and start being focused.

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5 steps to deal with a traditional management

#24 : 5 steps to deal with a traditional management

Have you found that your organization is very traditional? What about the leaders or management within the organization, are they still working traditionally, not embracing these fast-changing digital times? This can often leave you feeling frustrated by the decisions that are imposed on you.

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stay relevant in digital times

#23 : 3 things to stay relevant in digital times

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but a lot of things are being automated these days. You might be afraid that your job might be automated, and you want to stay relevant in these fast-changing digital times. I talk about how you can stay relevant and be assured that you will maintain a job in these disruptive times.

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