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How to save time
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Digitalization allows us to automate many tasks. So, in theory, we should all be able to work much less than previously. Right?

But when I ask leaders or friends how they are, the answer I often get is: I’m so busy! Why is it that so many leaders are overwhelmed today?

This free guide will give you the five habits leaders should ditch to stop being overwhelmed and start being focused.

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The new way of working post pandemic

#60: The new way of working post-pandemic with Axel Kuborn from Silversquare

During the pandemic, we have come through a big working shift. Productivity has risen in most companies since people worked from home, but the engagement towards company culture has decreased. Many organizations are now rethinking the way of working and organizing the workspace. In this podcast episode, I talk with co-working space Silversquare founder and co-CEO Axel Kuborn about increasing fun at work, collaboration, and innovation. Tune in to find out!

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