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How to save time
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Digitalization allows us to automate many tasks. So, in theory, we should all be able to work much less than previously. Right?

But when I ask leaders or friends how they are, the answer I often get is: I’m so busy! Why is it that so many leaders are overwhelmed today?

This free guide will give you the five habits leaders should ditch to stop being overwhelmed and start being focused.

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who am I if i am not successful

#48: Who am I if I am not successful?

Every time we reach a new level of personal growth in our lives, there always seems to come to a new challenge to throw you off. We feel uncomfortable faced with these challenges and we hate the twisted feeling in our body that comes with it. Today, I wanted to talk about using these unpleasant feelings and use them as strengths to grow further as a leader, but also as a human.

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Becoming antifragile

#47: Becoming antifragile is the new innovation in turbulent times with Rik Vera

I had a great conversation with international keynote speaker, coach, and author Rik Vera where we talked about tips to reinvent your organization and what type of leader you should become to successfully do that. We talk about handling turbulent times with new approaches and strategies and rejecting older business models that you might use but aren’t relevant anymore. Tune in to find out what they are!

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stop spending too much time in meetings

#46: This is how you stop going from one meeting to the next

In 2020, life, as we knew it, changed drastically and it had a huge impact on workers. People work more, poor mental health emerged for a quarter of workers and 26% of the deadlines were missed each week. Working remotely has had its toll, yet some remote teams manage to thrive thanks to one crucial element: empowerment.

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