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post pandemic trends lead to huge flaw for many at work

#65: Post pandemic trends lead to a huge flaw for many at work

What is the one skill that most leaders still have difficulties with? It’s a thing so fundamental, that it makes the difference between getting good results with a lot of hard work and getting great results with a good work-life balance. Since the pandemic, more and more people are having difficulties with it. Before telling you what the skill is, let’s look deeper into the trends the pandemic has created.

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How to increase engement and performance in hubird teams with pilar orti

#62: How to increase performance and engagement in hybrid teams with Pilar Orti

t’s been 18 months since many of us are working from home and it looks like that the old days of full-time office working are behind us. Many organizations have adapted themselves very well from a technological point of view, but still are missing engagement, motivation, and innovation. In this podcast episode, I will discuss how leaders can tackle this lacking with fellow podcaster Pilar Orti, who also specializes in remote working. Tune in to find out more!

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